Spherica Systems approached us to assist them in realising a ground-breaking web system for the refrigeration industry, capable of importing very large amounts of data and displaying it concisely, clearly and simply to its users.

At the heart of the system a simple visualisation method was required from an original concept of data being displayed in a crystal ball. Having the capability of making very large sets of technical data instantly accessible to both experienced engineers and novice administrators alike. This visualisation was also required to display changes to data in near real-time, a challenge when dealing with millions of data points each day.

Using a mix of cutting edge cloud technologies from Amazon Web Services (AWS), along with our unique skills and ability, Spherica Systems GenX was born, a multi-faceted system, capable of displaying real-time data instantly, but one also able to seamlessly store all of the data ever ingested, allowing for long-term and predictive trends analysis. GenX uses blocks (or spikes as they are commonly referred to) on a sphere to represent data points and their values, with taller, red coloured blocks drawing the users attention. This simple approach means that non-technical members of staff are able to rapidly identify problem areas or data specifics to analyse data and aid in resolving problems.

This method of displaying data on a sphere is so unique that Spherica Systems hold a patent application at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) for it.

Users engaging with the system can instantly access vast quantities of detailed telemetry data, allowing device comparison and performance analysis across many years. Multiple data points from any number of devices can be instantly compared on a graph, including historic data imported into GenX from when the system first went live.

Users have the option of accessing this data in 2D and 3D views, depending on preference.

It’s also possible, using geolocation, to display data on a map. Although this method can be limiting when viewing a vast amount of data, it can be useful for identifying location, indicating both that a problem exists and where it is in the world, useful for monitoring and identifying equipment wherever it may be.

As part of Spherica’s journey, we have been involved in interfacing various existing IoT devices and where none were available assisted with solution-based hardware and software to be installed at locations which did not yet have infrastructure to provide telemetry data. Raw data from any number of sources can be collected by the system, ready for display and investigation, with the capability for multiple data points to be compared against each other in visual form.

As greater amounts of data is ingested by the system, Artificial Intelligence will be used to start predicting when thresholds are likely to be reached and automatically alert relevant individuals to take action. GenX is capable of scaling dynamically, allowing for performance to be maintained whilst using no more hardware than is necessary at any given time, thus keeping costs down.

GenX has been widely commended by the refrigeration industry and won an innovation award from a national retailer in its first year of adoption. The system has the potential for wide ranging application, but the monitoring and remote control of buildings and embedded equipment is a key first step in Spherica’s aspirations.

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