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Software solutions

We offer a range of software services and are able to build custom solutions to meet any requirement.

Custom Software

We provide software solutions, using a variety of technologies and frameworks to fit a range of requirements - anything from stand-alone applications through to full remote IoT control.

Data visualisation

The team is experienced in big-data collation and visualisation, utilising a range of flat and 3D technologies.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

There may be around 25 billion IoT devices connected to the Internet by 2020. We have extensive experience of building interconnected systems and integrating them with existing Internet infrastructure.

Modern Technologies

ASP.NET Core • Java • Kotlin • AWS • Azure • SQL Server • PostgreSQL • React • three.js • DevOps

Web Interfaces

We have expertise in the development of flexible and adaptable web interfaces offering first class mobile support, remote control 24/7 via mobile devices, Real-time alerts via mobile devices, voice control (using tools like Alexa / Google assistant).

Bespoke Consultancy

With over 35 years combined experience, whatever your requirement, we can offer a software solution to meet your needs and budget.

Our process

  • Requirements
  • Specification
  • Deliver
  • Refine


Quality in education is generally measured by a course’s content and pedagogy and the extent to which learners engage with the course content to meet the learning outcomes. In this respect e-learning should be no different from face-to-face learning. However, to achieve this online requires a much more creative and pedagogically focused approach. This can only be done through high quality instructional design. All content should be learner-centered and follow a well-designed system. It must also be able to adapt to learner needs and allow them to perfect their work through continuous improvement.

We ensure that all projects meet these requirements right from the outset. We will take the time to research your learner's requirements and their learning needs to ensure that the content we produce engages them right from start to end, while meeting the required learning outcomes. This bespoke e-learning approach ensures that you get the very best value for money and ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the final product.

SCORM content

Learning Management Systems


Translation and localisation

Video and animation


Award winning

We create award winning, enterprise web applications.

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