Our Portfolio

Our projects are as wide-ranging and varied as our skill sets.

Medicare Ems Group UK Limited

Software: Bespoke suite of systems

A set of interconnected systems tailored to the specific operational needs of Medicare EMS. By providing Medicare with this highly bespoke solution, they were able to remove their reliance on external off-the-shelf software, whilst at the same time gaining a competitive advantage through operational efficiencies and associated cost savings.


eLearning: Diabetes feet and foot care

A custom eLearning course developed for Scholl Wellness Company, designed to educate pharmacists on diabetes feet and foot care: ‘Think Diabetes, Think Feet’. This interactive module employed a variety of methods in learner engagement and checked knowledge retention throughout.


eLearning: Gamification approaches

Using games and gamification approaches, our customers have gained knowledge and learnt new skills from learning that is fun and immersive. From choose your own adventure, to specialist adaptations of classic games, we have an approach to meet your learning objectives.

Pulse Advanced Media

3D: Meet The Team

An interactive 3D experience where you get to meet us. This experience can be found in the about us page.

Team Éire

3D: Skeleton Suit

Pre-visualisation of Skeleton Suit design for Irish athlete, Éire Rowland-Evans.

Training provider

Games: Which is the correct card?

A reimagining of a classic game, designed to entertain and engage.

Valid Insight

Games: Tendering simulation

This simulation was designed to replicate a multi-team, in-person training course that explores the complex dynamics of companies tendering for business. The game allows for multiple teams to face-off against each other in a dynamic situation, with iterative learning in-built to enforce the key learning concepts.

Phaze Two

Hardware prototyping: Phaze Two Connect

Phaze Two Connect is a custom hardware solution that allows legacy industrial hardware to be transformed into connected IoT devices.

Pulse Advanced Media

Hardware Prototyping: Enclosure

3D printed enclosure for custom hardware solution.

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