3D technology can be leveraged to help visualise complex data sets or streamline complex processes. We specialise in immersive and interactive 3D experiences that fuse technology with business data, empowering organisations to make informed decisions.

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Spatial Representation

Our 3D visualisations present complex data spatially, enabling dynamic exploration and understanding of relationships, patterns, and correlations within the data not easily seen in 2D.


Interactive Exploration

Our 3D approaches offer interactive data navigation, allowing for users to zoom, pan and rotate for focused exploration, allowing for unique insights.


Enhanced Data Perception

3D visualisations enhance understanding of complex data by depicting depth, scale and relationships. They simplify multi dimensional concepts and reveal trends.


Decision Making and Communication

With our 3D visualisations, you can make more informed decisions. By presenting complex data in an easy-to-understand manner, it becomes simpler to communicate insights, trends, and findings to stakeholders.

Our 3D technologies implemented

Pulse Advanced Media

3D: Meet The Team

An interactive 3D experience where you get to meet us. This experience can be found in the about us page.

Team Éire

3D: Skeleton Suit

Pre-visualisation of Skeleton Suit design for Irish athlete, Éire Rowland-Evans.

Pulse Aligned,
Creation Defined.

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