Hardware Prototyping

Custom hardware and 3D printing design add real depth to our unique set of capabilities.

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PCB Design

We can provide a unique circuit board layout tailored to your specific requirements or application, giving you full control of device functionality and performance at a lower cost to off-the-shelf alternatives.


3D Printing

Additive manufacturing offers a range of benefits that accelerate the design and development process. It allows for rapid iteration of physical prototypes from digital models, which reduces the time required to test and implement changes.


Custom Hardware

We design and manufacture custom hardware that transforms legacy systems into fully Internet-connected devices. Extend the life of your existing equipment by enabling modern features and functionality.

How we have used Hardware Prototyping to benefit our customers

Phaze Two

Hardware prototyping: Phaze Two Connect

Phaze Two Connect is a custom hardware solution that allows legacy industrial hardware to be transformed into connected IoT devices.

Pulse Advanced Media

Hardware Prototyping: Enclosure

3D printed enclosure for custom hardware solution.

Pulse Aligned,
Creation Defined.

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